• Wind uplift tested in accordance with UL580 and ASTM E1592
  • Meets UL Class 90 wind uplift require meant for 12”, 17” and 18” widths.
  • Can be installed over solid substrates or spread support members at spans up to 5’-0”
  • Subtle striations between ribs on 17” and wider panels reduce the appearance of oil-canning.
  • Factory applied sealant is standard.
  • Has been tested for air infiltration per ASTM E1680, and water infiltration per ASTM E1646.
  • Clip-Lock is correctively leveled to in sure the flattest panel appearance.
  • Snap-On panel, no field seaming required.
  • 12” panel has Corps of Engineers approval.
  • Available standard in the Kynar 500 paint system, unpainted Zincalume® Plus, ZACtique®II treatment or 16oz. Copper (18” std).

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Clip Lock

Product DescriptionClip-Lock is a performance–rated structural standing seam metal roof system with net coverage of 12” to 18”. Clip-Lock is excellent as a roof over metal or wood decking , and as a fascia or man-sard over plywood or supports.
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  • Steel conforms to ASTM A-792 (Zincalume®) 40,000 psi minimum yield.
  • Loads listed above are for “positive” loading only.
  • All flat surfaces can display waviness called “oil canning”. This is an inherent characteristic of flat steel products , not a defect.
  • Spans greater than 5’-0” do not have a UL90 rating but are acceptable under certain conditions.